December 13, 2022

YOKE Launches Fan-Engagement Technology

The new software enables NCAA institutions to empower student-athletes to maximize NIL.

YOKE, the leading provider of fan-engagement technology for student-athletes, today announced the launch of YOKE Team, a software service that enables intercollegiate athletic departments to empower their student-athletes to maximize their NIL potential via fan engagement.

With YOKE, institutions can support their student-athletes by providing a powerful suite of tools that enables those student-athletes to grow their own businesses by building online communities. As part of YOKE’s commitment to delivering a world-class product, student-athletes are equipped with turnkey software to launch custom websites and mobile apps for their fans.

"My time with Notre Dame football taught me that individuals are more valuable as a part of a team,” said Mick Assaf, CEO of YOKE. “We built a software solution that helps student-athletes boost their potential by leveraging the power of teamwork.”


Institutions that partner with YOKE make YOKE’s full suite of business tools, illustrated below, available to their student-athletes free of charge.

Student-athletes are responsible for creating content and engaging with fans through the online community, which is powered by YOKE’s software.

Fans subscribe to the online community and determine the portion of their subscription allocated to each team. The subscription grants fans access to the proprietary website and mobile app where they can chat with team members, consume student-athlete-generated content, attend digital events and much more.

At the end of each month, the total subscription revenue each team has generated is split evenly among the teammates who participated in the club during that month.

YOKE does not receive a platform fee for earnings through the software at partner institutions.

“We are not an agency or a marketplace,” Assaf notes. “Our partners subscribe to YOKE’s software service to bring modern technology to their student-athletes, which empowers them to grow large-scale subscription businesses through engaging with fans.”

About YOKE

YOKE provides next-generation fan-engagement technology. YOKE’s turnkey software enables athletic departments to empower their student-athletes to engage with fans and maximize their name, image, and likeness (NIL) alongside their teammates. For student-athletes, YOKE simplifies the process of launching and maintaining online communities while also handling automated payments and reporting for tax purposes. For more information about YOKE, visit