Fan engagement technology for Student-Athletes

Powerful software enabling teams to grow a business through building community

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Turnkey Community Tools

Our technology enables student-athletes to deliver content and establish an online community with ease

Compliant & Transparent

Proceeds are distributed evenly at the end of each month among participating student-athletes

Custom Website & App

Student-athletes and their fans deserve a website and mobile application that they can be proud of

Team Culture & Accountability

Earn real business experience and work together to promote the club, provide content, and engage with fans


Caden Kolesar

Ann Arbor NIL Club

“Our team identity is centered around unity and before we teamed up with YOKE, NIL was all about individuals. Our NIL Club has allowed us to operate as a team and we’re very thankful for that.”

Edgerrin Cooper

College Station NIL Club

“Getting to be in the NIL Club is one of the reasons I love Texas A&M. Having supportive fans is a great part of being a student-athlete and now that support can be felt more than ever.”

Trey Morrison

Norman NIL Club

“NIL earnings can look very different depending on who you are on the team. The NIL Club is great because it provides a sustainable source of monthly income that we can all look forward to.”

Jalen Cunningham

Oxford NIL Club

“YOKE takes a huge lift off of the team by running the technology, managing customer service, and distributing the payouts. This allows us to focus on content and promoting the club.”

Emar'rion Winston

Eugene NIL Club

“Fans always look to chat with us whenever we see them and the technology that YOKE provides allows you to be organized as a team and meet that demand.”

Nicky Samac

East Lansing NIL Club

“YOKE makes everything easy. It would be impossible to execute all of the logistics that go into maintaining the club and delivering a great experience for fans without YOKE’s help.”


What is YOKE and how do we power NIL Clubs?

YOKE provides powerful software enabling teams to grow a business through building community and engaging with fans. YOKE partners with athletic departments to provide a full suite of tools including a custom website and mobile app for student-athletes to maximize their name, image, and likeness (NIL) earning potential alongside their teammates. 

What software does YOKE provide?

YOKE provides a custom website, mobile application, and admin dashboard. YOKE’s software simplifies the process of launching and maintaining an online community while also handling automated payments and reporting for tax and compliance purposes.

Can any team leverage the YOKE platform?

Yes. YOKE is an equitable platform that was built for every team and student-athlete to leverage.

What is the role of student-athletes?

Student-athletes and teams can use YOKE’s turnkey software to start monetizing their name, image and likeness. Student-athletes are the creators and owners of the community and are responsible for bringing it to life through content and conversation. Student-athletes develop entrepreneurial and business leadership skills through the process of growing their community.

How much does YOKE cost?

YOKE partners with innovative athletic departments to make the software solution completely free to their student-athletes. In cases where schools have not yet partnered with YOKE, we receive a percentage of revenue as a platform fee.

What is required to get started?

Get in touch with us here and our team will follow up with how to get an NIL Club started for your team or school.

BuILDING together

The lessons of “team” fuel our future.  We succeed as a team, not as individuals. The YOKE team empowers student-athletes with advanced NIL technology.

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