November 7, 2022

Why People Love College Sports

College sports have always been a huge part of American culture. College basketball and football games are televised in droves during March Madness and the Fall season, with all eyes glued to their TV screens. College sports are preferred over professional sports because they give students something to strive for. When young people see student-athletes competing on the court or field they want that opportunity too! People should support these young student-athletes who work just as hard, if not harder than any other professional.


College sports matter to fans because it allows fans to feel a personal connection to student-athletes through the school that the student-athletes represent. People love to cheer for teams they are truly passionate about. People are always willing to support their passions financially and college athletes should be no different. With the new NIL laws people finally have an opportunity to financially support the student-athletes that they are so passionate about.


Cheering for student-athletes that you feel a personal connection to is much more meaningful than cheering for professional student-athletes who may have nothing in common with you or anyone you know. student-athletes love college sports because they are able to earn  a degree while they compete. In many cases this is the only chance they have of playing at any level past high school. In many cases  student-athletes will never have a chance to play professionally and make money playing the sport that they love, that’s why college sports are so important.