November 3, 2022

The Case for College Athletes Getting Paid

College sports have become a huge industry. That’s why it is important for college athletes to get paid for their name, image and likeness. College athletics are generating billions of dollars in revenue. However, student-athletes receive nothing from the billion dollar industry that they have helped build with their talent, time, and dedication.

It is unfair that these student-athletes generate millions of dollars in profits but are unable to reap any benefits from the large scale of their endeavors. 

We think the best way for student-athletes to be fairly compensated is through their fans. Their fans love watching them compete and represent their school but student-athletes have been working for free for too long. student-athletes deserve to get compensated and feel love from their fans. The new name, image and likeness laws allow student-athletes to get paid so it is time for us to take advantage of that. 

It is hard for student-athletes to do all of the work themselves that is necessary in order to build an online platform, process payments, market themselves and make content for fans. The best way for college athletes to get paid is by starting an NIL Club. The NIL Club is the best way for student-athletes to get paid because fans get something in return for their generous contributions. Fans who join NIL Clubs will have access to exclusive content that they cannot find anywhere else and they get to interact with the student-athletes that they love and cheer for. 

College athletes deserve a pay raise and fan engagement technology makes it possible for them to earn money while doing what they love. The new name, image and likeness laws make it so student-athletes can start their own NIL club or get involved in an already existing one.